KKR's first IPL trophy, controversy king SRK and victory

Shahrukh KhanWhen Shahrukh's team KKR won the battle on field against Chennai Super Kings on 22nd May, 2012 and bagged their first IPL Trophy, Shahrukh went beyond containing himself. The moment the team ran for their last winning score, King Khan climbed up to the railing and pointed high towards the sky. Then he ran straight into the field and tightly embraced Jacques Kallis whose marvellous innings have helped to bring the victory closer and surer to the Kolkata Knight Riders. Khan hugged almost everybody present on the field, along with all his team members. Moreover, he was so overjoyed that he also did cartwheels in the middle of the field for his viewers. Who cares whether the moves were perfect and spontaneous or not! Those were the dances of joy. The Bollywood actor hugged his kids and their small friends present at the spectators' seat. His wife Gauri accompanied him to the middle of the field.

King Khan, the big face of Bollywood has been into dire controversies for the entire IPL Season of this year. A case was filed against him by the Rajasthan Police and he was accused with the charge of smoking in the stadium itself. Shahrukh Khan was thrown into a deep scuffle with some officials of the MCA , that stands for the Mumbai Cricket Association and he was thought to be restricted and banned from making an entry into the Wankhede stadium for next 5 years.

In the final match of the current IPL season while KKR fought hard to win and hold the cup high, King Khan also realized his dream. Later when he was asked to state a dialogue from his film Om Shanti Om, the superstar took it as a wise scope to poke the MCA and said that he should be careful in his words; otherwise people might just take his happiness as being drunk. But when the host Samir Kochhar was making a statement while interviewing the actor, he carefully dodged the question and led his wife and his children to speak to the host.

Amidst all these, a huge celebration was planned at Kolkata, scheduled on 29th May. The State Government took up the initiative to felicitate the entire team of KKR. Shahrukh Khan arrived at Hajra Crossing at around 11 a.m and took the trophy to the Writers’ Building to present the trophy to the Chief Minister at that place. From there, the entire party went to the Eden Gardens for a big celebration. Entry to the stadium was free of cost and open to all.

Several Bollywood stars were present at the home stadium of KKR on this date to cheer for KKR. Many of them also used the twitter as a medium to congratulate SRK and his team. In his thanks message SRK named Gautam Gambhir, Juhi Chawla the entire team of KKR and even the cheer girls for attaining the glorious victory at IPL 5. He even made some comments applauding the team from Bengal, reflecting on their patience, faith and dedication.

He cheered his team for reaching the goal finally. We also know that despite of the several defeats that KKR has gone through SRK has never lost hope on his boys and have constantly cheered them up for better and improved performance. Now he co-owns the team with Juhi Chawla , but all these days he has never thought of entirely handing over the team to someone else. Not only that, despite of his tight schedules he has been present at the venues of most of the matches that KKR has taken part in. Last but not the least, the King Khan of Bollywood had also been in sound criticisms and several controversies, regarding his decision of not choosing Saurav Ganguly as a part of the team of Kolkata.  He was criticized heavily by the residents of Kolkata, but finally he proved himself. All is well that ends well. What do you think?