Kiran is a hands-on mother, Aamir Khan

A Perfectionist but not a hands-on father Aamir Khan as he says is enjoying fatherhood to the fullest but work commitments did not allow him to spend enough time with his son but speaking about his wife Kiran, Aamir said that Kiran is a hands-on mom and enjoying her motherhood to the fullest which she always desires.

"I am not a hands-on dad on a daily basis. My responsibilities towards work don`t allow me to do that. But I really like to spend time with him. He is a real joy. He is a very happy child and good natured," Aamir said.

"Kiran is a hands-on mother. She is enjoying motherhood and that`s what she wants to do. Once in a while I do try and give her a break but she brushes it aside," he said.

On December 1st, Aamir and Kiran’s first child Azad celebrated his first birthday and Aamir threw a small birthday party with family members. Due to some medical complications, Kiran could not carry her child and the baby was born through IVF to a surrogate mother.

Aamir said about Azad’s first birthday, "On his birthday we plan to be at home with him alongwith close family members."

Meanwhile, Aamir says when it comes to films he does not discuss with wife Kiran as he likes to keep it a surprise for her.

"No, I don`t consult her. When I am not sure I like to ask her. I like to keep it as a surprise. This she and I both consciously do. So when she watches the first cut, she is a fresh audience, she doesn`t know about the script, she doesn`t know what to expect. Sometimes I ask her to sit in for a narration," he said.