King Khan to bid goodbye to acting

This piece of news will not sound good to Shahrukh Khan's fans. But it is a fact and we all have to accept it any way. It is reported that King Khan will bid goodbye to films in three years. He is planning to move to Dubai and his wife Gauri has already started planning for a new Mannat in Dubai. Mannat is very dear to SRK and he is emotionally attached to his abode. With an aim to feel the same pleasure, he has given the task of designing a replica of Mannat in Dubai to Gauri as he has made up his mind to leave film and get into production and building housing complexes.

Says a source, "Shah Rukh knows that his time in Bollywood as an actor is limited. An actor can only go on for so long and with the kind of roles he plays – young romantics – then he will not be able to do that for any longer. He is already getting old. Shah Rukh hopes to retire from films within the next 3-4 years after which he will concentrate on production business. Shah Rukh will not make a complete exit from acting but intends to star in at least one film per year, but this will be for his own banner and the role will be of a supporting actor."

The source continues, "Shah Rukh has already started looking – and it has just been announced – for land in Dubai where he intends to build housing and shopping complexes."