King Khan gifted latest iPhone to Farah Khan

A gift from a friend brings smile to one’s face. Choreographer turned director Farah Khan is overjoyed when her close friend Shahrukh Khan gifted her latest iPhone. Farah has developed a fascination for iPhone while choreographing a song on Shahrukh and Deepika Padukone at Filmistan Studios for his home production Billo Barber. Farah like Shahrukh is a techno savvy and any new invention catches her eye. She is obsessed with the latest iPhone game Lexitron (a word forming game) which cinematographer V Manikandan had on his iPhone.

All the interested members played the game on his iPhone till his battery expired. A source reported, "The next day, Farah was pleasantly surprised when Shahrukh gifted not just her but also her assistant Feroze the latest iPhones. Farah uses the iPhone for playing games and taking videos and pictures of her triplets — Anya, Diva and Czar. She has been showing the pictures and videos to everyone on the sets on Billoo Barber."

Farah has confirmed the gift saying, "What's the big deal in such gifts? These things happen between friends all the time."