King Khan bets King Size with RA.One

Ra.OneKing Khan has the biggest movie of his life releasing this diwali. The movie Ra.One is going to make history by being the costliest movie ever in the history of Bollywood. It is estimated by experts that the science fiction superhero movie will need to gross more than 100 crore rupees in it’s very first week to make its presence felt strongly considering the past performances of other Khans and Ajay Devgan movies.Shahrukh Khan is doing anything under his capabilities to ensure that the movie does far better than that leaving no stones unturned to generate mass hypocrisy about the upcoming flick. Mumbai these days see 2-3 Ra.One promotional events daily, with the movie stars travelling countrywide to promote the movie personally. This is not the end; a full fledged Sony Play station version of the game based on the movie has been created for the first time in the history of Bollywood, again to lure the game addicts to the movie.

Where does the main challenge lie?

The primary task for SRK to be a winner out of this movie is to make sure that he penetrates the in-house market. It is seen that the most costly movies during the past few months have made most of their money from single screen theatres and small cities contributing up to 60-70% of the movies gross earnings. Keeping this sort of data in mind, it will really be a challenge for the star to attract the small town audience to theatres considering his most of the promotional events are aimed at the urban multiplex goers and the audience overseas. SRK does needs to get the town audience to theatres to achieve the max out of the movie.

SRK knows how to play safe

While there is a mass excitement about the movie and obviously the press is asking many questions to the super star, SRK is playing safe and not commenting on any questions related to completion with other Khan movies or speculations that the movie might not do well. The witty Khan has evaded the questions in many ways. In one occasion he jokingly said that he is going to perform in the weddings in case his film doesn’t return him the desired profits.

Experts do believe that SRK will be able to accomplish the financial targets owing to the extraordinary marketing activities, product associations and branding. On the other we should not forget that the box office collections of the movie denote its real success.