'Khiladi 786' trailer banned in Pakistan

Khiladi 786” is an upcoming film that is gearing for a release on the 7th of December. It stars Akshay Kumar and Asin Thottumkal and thus has the audience’s eyes pinned on it. The title of the film surely reminds us of Akshay’s “Khiladi” image that he held twelve years back and this film then surely marks his return. The trailer indicates the film to be meant for the masses at large and has high chances of making a mark at the box-office.

However, the film is in news currently for getting its trailer banned in Pakistan. Pakistani censor board has banned all advertisements in relation to the film as the number ‘786’ is a respected and valued number of all Muslims and the usage of this in the film could hurt their sentiments.

The Pakistani Censor Board has also pointed it out to all the movie theatres and distributors to remove all the billboards and not release the trailer of this film.

The film has still not been cleared by the censor board for the screening in Pakistan. The Dawn newspaper stated that the advertisements of the movie have been barred solely for the number ‘786’ as it is respected and considered an auspicious number.

Raja Mustafa Haider, Chairman of the Pakistani Censor Board said, “The appearance of banners for the film in Rawalpindi and other areas was brought to my notice and I asked the City District Government Rawalpindi to remove all of them.”

The final decision has still not been made regarding the release of this film. He said, “We will decide it when the movie comes to us, before screening in the cinema houses.”

Haider also stated that the Censor Board had been able to convince the distributors to showcase this film barring the number. The film was formerly supposed to release on the 7th of December.

The Film distributor Suhail Mukhtar stated that the Censor Board had the power to change the name of any film if it found it to be offensive. But then he also gave the assurance that the airing of the film will not be stopped unless there is the use of “objectionable dialogues and scenes”.

Earlier films like “Agent Vinod” and “Ek Tha Tiger” had got banned in Pakistan and now this. Akshay Kumar has a good number of fan-following in the state of Pakistan and losing business there will affect the film.