Katrina picks what Kareena dumps

Kareena Kapoor has been approached for an anti-ageing cream but she refused to endorse the product for being young. She declaimed as she is not interested to be associated with a brand for older women.

A source admits, "She refused the ad as she felt it wasn't the right fit. Maybe in 15 years' time, she will be ready to do it”. Katrtina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor were the choice for the brand because they were vibrant and youthful. Katrina has no such reservations, she was offered a huge amount and she accepted.

A source close to Katrina refutes the story that it's an anti-ageing skin care cream. "She has signed the skin care cream but it's not an anti-ageing one. Katrina is only on for a new product and not for their entire range. As far as we know the anti-ageing cream is still being endorsed by Sushmita Sen. The new product is for the younger generation."

A spokesperson for Matrix, who handles Kareena and Katrina's endorsements says, "Katrina is not doing any anti-ageing skin care cream. And Kareena is the brand ambassador of another skin care brand for the last three years so there's no question of her turning down or being approached by another skin brand."