Katrina keeps mum on Salman’s marriage proposal

Katrina Kaif at South filmfare awardsSalman Khan who commented on getting married with Katrina next year is not acceptable on Katrina's part. She kept mum on the issue as she hates discussing personal life in public. Salman not only remarked on marriage but also on child issue too. He has been quoted as saying, "I will marry next year and want to have a baby soon after."

When Katrina was asked to comment on Salman’s statement, she said, "I think Salman said whatever he wanted to say. Let people make of it whatever they want. I have never commented on the personal side in the media. I don't wish to start right now."

This is not the single incident. Many a times, Salman declared getting married soon but ever time the news turned out to be vague. If this news also carries no truth then Salman will again be seen as playing with Katrina’s feelings and humiliating her in public and undoubtedly, this false statement would mark the beginning of the end of their relationship.