Katrina Kaif throws starry tantrums

Success is followed by attitude and something similar happened with Bollywood’s reigning queen Katrina Kaif when she walked out of the ad shoot when she was asked for a retake.

Katrina was shooting for a beverage brand she endorses for the last six days at a corporate studio at Film City in Goregaon. Before the director said pack up, the diva walked out of the commercial shoot mid-way when the director of Photography (DOP) who was specially flown in from Australia for the shoot asked the actress for retake. Kat felt offended and walked out.

Says a source, “Katrina just upped and left the studio. As of now, the shoot has been put on hold.”

Adds the source, “The Australian DOP felt some scenes needed a retake and Katrina was in no mood to comply. Irritated and infuriated, she walked off from the shoot.”

Adds the insider, “The guy was too shocked to react when she just left the studio in a huff. He kept asking around what really happened, as he is obviously unaware of Bollywood stars and their moods.

This is not the first time, Katrina hit the headlines for her short temperament. In 2009, the diva showed her mood while shooting for a designer luxury brand launched in India. The actress demanded a whopping amount for the deal.

The source revealed, “But if the foreign agents who had sealed the deal with New York star"s managers must have felt that they sailed through the tough part once she was on board then they seem to had underestimated Katrina"s 'star" power. Katrina it is learnt had set a special demands and conditions list for the shoot of the ad campaign even before it began.

The source adds “Apparently, she was going to be flown to Paris for the shoot but Kat wasn"t happy with just that. She seems to have told them that she would shoot only in a certain hotel where she wanted to stay. And that was not all. She also wanted to work with her own staff, stylist, make-up artist, hair dresser et al who would have to be flown to Paris with her. When they protested, Kats threw a tantrum till they relented."