Katrina Kaif makes Facebook debut, gets 4 million likes on day 1

On the occasion of 33th birthday, Katrina Kaif made her Facebook debut. Shy Katrina appeared super excited to be on the social media platform.

Media shy Katrina seen in an altogether different avatar in the first video shared by her on her Facebook account. She looked gorgeous in a white tee, hot pants and hair open. She shared a video of her gorgeous sea-facing apartment. The video has her showing off her home as she tells the world: “Let’s do this.”


As she walked through the beautiful lawn of her apartment, she said, “So, I’m here. Be nice!! It’s my birthday…wish me well.”

She has a beautiful picture of Kat on her Facebook account. The popularity of Katrina can be measured from the fact that in less than 24 hrs of her FB debut, the diva has amassed 4 million likes.

On her 33th birthday today, the actress also hosted her first live chat on Facebook where she answered the questions of her fans which Katrina has never done before. The 15-min chat seen Kat humming to the tunes of ‘Teri Ore’ from ‘Singh is Bling’ , talks about her love to watch Gone with the Wind and doesn’t know how to say no to Pancakes!

Katrina also shared her birthday bash details. Among the gifts, the one that touched her heart was a beautiful necklace from her mother.

When a fan asked about her wedding plans she replied, "Good question.I'll let you know what I do. For sure. Don't know yet!"

Fans also asked her about her sister Isabelle’s debut in Bollywood and she quickly said “She is very talented and is currently spending time in a theatre called Niels Geusebroek.”