Katrina Kaif gives newcomer Shaana Diya plenty of grief

Katrina Kaif will once again be seen with actor Akshay Kumar in the film Namastey London.The film also stars Upen Patel and newcomer actress Shaana Diya and the film is about a British-Indian girl who has been born and raised in London.Sometime back Katrina was doing a scene for this film and there was a huge controversey as she entered a dargah with a skirt that displayed her legs,now the filmmakers have been asked to delete that scene from the film and re-do it.However now it seems another controversey has come along Katrina's way.According to some sources,Katrina Kaif gave her co-star newcomer shaana Diya enormous stress while doing the film.In the film Shaana and Katrina play best friends, however off-screen it seems Katrina was anything but friendly with the newcomer.
According to sources Katrina behaved really badly with Shaana on the sets of Namastey London while working with her,she would often throw tantrums and Shaana was invariably at the receiving end of these tantrums.Katrina often bullied the newcomer and tried to get her way. A source adds "Katrina would throw a fit over petty issues and once Katrina sent Shaana back to change her lipstick shade only because it was similar to hers.On several occassions she gave Shaana a lot of grief." Shaana is a newcomer and hence does not want to get drawn into controversies, so at first she just talks about the wonderful experience of shooting with her co-stars Akshay,Upen etc.However she does not mention Katrina's name among those she had fun with but later adds that Katrina and she weren't the best of friends. Shaana further adds "I am a thorough professional and would rather concentrate on my work than nurturing frienships." But shaana reufuses to give any more details of what transpired between Katrina and her on the sets.There has also been talk that Shaana's role has been edited quite a bit in the film and Shaana confirms that she too has heard of this.

Katrina on her part first refused to recognise who Shaana was and later when she was reminded she said "Certain people are trying to get unnecessary attention and publicity and I wouldn't give something like this any importance." Katrina maintained that everyone was friendly on the sets with each other.Katrina herself is not yet an established actress in bollywood and has a long way to go bfore she can reach the top slot, so perhaps she should save her tantrums for later.