Katrina gets hurt

Serene beauty Katrina Kaif is prone to injury. First, she hurt her leg for a film shoot and now she has again injured herself on the set of Priyadarshan ‘De Dhana Dhan’. While doing a dance step with Akshay, she got a twist on her back.

Confirming the incident, Katrina said, “It was a typical baarish-mein-bheegi-sari song. And well, I danced over enthusiastically. It’s always disastrous when you bend your back without a preliminary warm-up. Despite knowing this, I foolishly bent my back on Akshay’s arm. And as soon as I did that, I felt something give way. Now, I can hardly move around without experiencing pain.”

Katrina fears that her injury might not delay the shooting of the film as she is planning to go to London after the shoot, “I want to go to London to join my family and then we’re all going to Italy for a holiday.”

On a lighter note, Kat said, “Akshay says ‘De Dana Dan’ will be a hit because we’ve given our blood for it.”