Katrina and Kareena are close friends

Actresses in the tinsel valley are very often involved in cat-fights but recently we came to known a rare case that Bollywood two leading ladies, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor are close buddies. Katrina is full of praise for Kareena. In an interview, she discloses her heart about her new friend. In addition, they also share the same manager.

"She is very nice girl and I like her as well as her work. We even shares one manager and I am a big fan of her," says Katrina. Both are two competing ladies in Bollywood but their friendship is above all. Professionally, they compete each other but personally, they are best friends.

"Whenever we meet each other she talks with me very nicely and I too love her company. I really do admire her as one of the great actress in the industry," she states in an interview.

Katrina feels that Kareena has got oodles of talent.