Kat to gift Sallu a puppy

Salman Khan is in mourning these days as his dog Myson died recently due to severe heart attack. Due to his death not only Salman Khan but his other puppy Myjan who grew up with Myson is also suffering in pain. On looking at Salman's depressed mood, his ladylove Katrina Kaif has decided to gift him another Alsatian pup. Salman received the news of Myson’s death while shooting for Veer in Jaipur. His news of death came as a shock for Salman as he was very much attached to his pets.

Salman, who is currently shooting for his home production Veer in Jaipur, is concerned about his other pet and has been reportedly advised to bring up another pup to get Myjan out of his depression. "Myjan has gone into depression after the death of Myson. The two dogs grew up together and they were always together. Myjan was the bully and he always had a fight to pick with Myson. But after the death, he has completely gone silent. He is not even eating properly," says a source.

Dr Sangeeta Vengsarkar who treated Myson even suggested Salman to bring up another puppy to take out Myian from depression. She said, "When your pet dies, there's a huge void in your life. Same happens with a dog if he loses his partner. In all such cases, it's best to allow the pet sufficient time to grieve and introduce him to a new member of the family. That is the best remedy for both the guardian and the other pet”.

To make Sallu happy, Kat has decided to gift Salman a puppy.