Kat, John avoiding each other

Katrina Kaif and John Abraham are happy as well as depressed these days. They are quite happy as the release date of their upcoming film ‘New York’ is drawing nearer but at the same time little depressed as they won’t be able to promote the film together and the reason behind this is Katrina’s boyfriend Salman Khan who is miffed with Kat and John’s alleged relationship.

Sallu who is known as a possessive boyfriend is not ready to accept that the duo shares nothing than a good friend. The duo in order to avoid the anger of Salman has decided to promote the film separately. As far as possible, they are avoiding each other and hardly seen together despite being in the same film. Kat even declined the proposal of appearing on the show, ‘Dus Ka Dum’ with John as she is very much aware of the mood of her beau.

Rather she has agreed to share the dice with her another ‘New York’ co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh whom Kat describes as 'cutest from the new lot of actors'.

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