Karisma, Sunjay file for divorce on mutual consent

Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur’s 10 years marriage has finally reached the doorstep of courtroom. The couple who has been living separately for so many years has now decided to officially call it off. Sunjay and Karisma have filed for divorce on mutual consent.

On Thursday morning, the duo was spotted outside Bandra family court and the hearing of the divorce went for three long hours. Both sides will mutually decide the alimony issue, maintenance including custody of the children.

After separating with Sunjay, Karisma left Delhi and came to Mumbai. Presently she is staying with her mother Babita. Over these years, the actress tried her level best to sort out the differences and get back together again but Sunjay who is the prime reason of the fight did not mend his ways and continued to remain the same.

Recently, the businessman filed custody case against Karisma and claimed that she did not allow him to meet his two children, Samaira and Kiaan Raj Kapoor.

Karisma married Sunjay on September 29th 2003 and soon after the birth of their first children, report of their marital problem surfaced. Karisma left Sunjay’s husband with their daughter but later he again wooed her and brought her back. Situation was under control till the birth of their second child but soon Kiaan was born trouble again brewed and Karisma permanently left Delhi and based in Mumbai.

After marriage, it is heard that Sunjay entered into an illegal relationship with Delhi socialite Priya Chatwal. Karisma and her family made several attempts to bring Sunjay at the right path but he turned a deaf ear to their wordings. He continued his relationship with Priya.

The couple remained tight-lipped about their divorce but a close source reveals, “Looks like it’s time for them to make it official. “They’ve been through discussions about this (a divorce) of late.  They’re now trying to come upon an agreement where they can get mutual custody of the two children. As the kids are too young to decide for themselves, talks are on over how they will manage it as both Karisma and Sanjay live in different cities. Once they come to a solid conclusion on that, they will file for divorce.”

Sunjay was earlier married to designer Nandita Mahtani and they got divorced after a short period.