Karisma's hubby Sanjay doesn't get along with mom-in-law Babita

Earlier there was talk of actress Karisma Kapoor's marriage being on the rocks, however things have now seemed to settle down and all is fine between the actress and her Delhi based businessman husband. The bone of contention it seemed was that Karisma wanted to live in Mumbai while Sanjay did not want to move out from Delhi. Well it seems that both have reached some sort of compromise. Karisma recently bought her own home in Mumbai as sources claim that hubby Sanjay does not get along too well with mom-in-law Babita.
Karisma along with daughter Samaira moved to Mumbai some time back and were living with her mom Babita. Sanjay often visited his wife and daughter in Mumbai. However Sanjay supposedly does not get along with mom-in-law Babita and hence he was not comfortable visiting his wife and daughter at his mother-in-law's home. Sanjay wanted to spend time with Karisma and Samaira alone and hence Karisma decided to buy a separate flat of her own, close to her mom's place. Sanjay's mom and Babita are said to be really thick pals and hence it is quite surprising that Sanjay does not get along well with Babita. Karisma obviously has long term plans to stay in Mumbai and that's why she has bought her own place out here as well put her daughter in a school in Mumbai. However a friend of the Kapoor family denied that Babita and son-in-law Sanjay don't get along, instead the friend claims "All married couples need space and with a baby around, there is a bigger space crunch." As the couple needed more space, they decided to buy their own apartment.

A source claims "Sanjay and Babita hardly talk to each other." Karisma purchased her own flat around six months back and hence Sanjay has begun to visit his family more frequently. Babita, Rancher and even Karenna are often seen visiting Karisma and her daughter Samaira at their new home. Meanwhile there has been a lot of talk about Karisma making a comeback in films. However Lolo is still to confirm her return to films. So although Sanjay and Babita may not get along like house on fire, all's well that ends well.