Karisma argues loudly with estranged hubby Sunjay at court

Actress Karisma Kapoor’s last step for divorce got complicated when the couple ended up fighting at the court. They started arguing on the day of the final hearing. Following this, the judge told them to solve the issues by February 2015.

Judge Laxmi Rao was present at the final hearing. The dispute between Karisma and Sunjay was regarding the trust that the couple had set up for the welfare of their children Kian and Samaira. Husband Sunjay was unwilling to let Karisma have greater control over the trust. They started fighting and soon it got loud. The judge then advised them to first work things out, outside the court, and then return after two months. The judge also advised the two that otherwise, they should opt for Hindu Marriage Act and withdraw the joint petition for the divorce. Sunjay has hired two top lawyers form Delhi, while Karisma’s lawyer is Kranti Sathe.

The actress had married Sunjay Kapur in 2003. Their daughter Samaira was born in 2005, but bad times followed and the couple was separated. They patched up later, and had a second child Kiaan Raj Kapoor in 2010. There were still trust issues between them, as there were rumors of Sunjay having an affair with Priya Sachdev. Sunjay met Priya, a well known model, and started dating her in 2010. This led to an extra marital affair, and soon the lovebirds began to be seen together at events. Karisma initially kept this hurtful fact to herself- the Kapoor family and Karisma’s kids were unaware of what was going on. But the couple started having a lot of disputes when Sunjay couldn’t stop dating the gorgeous model. Karisma’s family tried to talk to Sunjay and make the marriage work, but he didn’t listen.

While Karisma’s alleged lover is Sandeep Toshniwal- the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm. The two were introduced by common friends, after which they fell in love. They empathized with each other as both of them were going through a rough patch. Apparently, Sandeep is also going through the battle for divorce. In 2011, he had filed for divorce from his wife who is a doctor. He had simultaneously filed for the custody of both his daughters. The wife had demanded Rs. 3 lakh per month for her daughters, Rs. 5 Crore as alimony and Rs. 75 lakh as the compensation for damages. It is rumored that Karisma and Sandeep are quite happy with each other. They were even planning to tie the knot at the end of 2014.