Kareena saves Madhur's dream project 'Heroine'

The feedbacks to the movie ‘Heroine’ are pouring in and it is dismal so far. The film is poorly rated by the critics and the movie buffs alike.

It is a Madhur Bhandarkar film all right. The script includes a woman on top of her world, a cheating lover, conspirating friends, morale session classes, anti depressant drugs, fall from grace, tobacco and alcohol addiction. Sounds familiar? Well sadly it does.

Madhur’s earlier films Chandi bar, Satta, Corporate, Page 3 and Fashion all spoke about women under similar conditions with the professional back ground being different. It was refreshing when the idea was introduced and entertaining in the second and third film as well but now it is only repetitive, boring and predictable.

Kareena Kapoor is the saving grace of the movie and it is only she who has made the film viewable. It is one of her finest performance. Good to know that the glamour girl who was used in movies to add the glitz only could pack such a powerful performance. This lady is sure to be watched out for. If Bebo continues to keep up the performance she is sure to go places. It is also noted that she acted the really bold intimate scenes in the movie to make her character much more believable. However, an actress of her stature could have easily avoided doing this.

Though she tried, her role didn’t help her to reach the full acting potential. Film critic Anupama Chopra from Hindustan Times wrote “Kareena Kapoor works very hard to give Mahi depth. She looks sensational, but is also brave enough to risk being ugly on screen, literally and figuratively. Sadly, Bhandarkar has saddled her with a character without an arc. Mahi is just a trembling mass of furiously smoking insecurity from beginning to end. And she’s just not interesting enough for us to spend two and a half hours with. At one point in Heroine, a character asks: Iss glamour industry mein kaun fraud nahin hota. This film certainly is one.”

If you are a fan of Kareena you shouldn’t miss the movie. Besides the film does have its moments of brilliance. It is a pity that the film cannot keep up the brilliance throughout. The song from the movie ‘Halkat Jawani’ is already a big hit and showcases Bebo as the item girl.

We sure hope that next time Madhur comes up with a new story line. We know he is a good director and will definitely bounce back. However, we all must understand that there is no formula to success. Definitely not one for churning out hit films.