Kareena plans Karisma’s birthday

No matter how much busy Kareena Kapoor might be but some dates are very important to her and she no way agrees to adjust those events with some other programme. One such very special date for Kareena Kapoor is June 24, the day in which Karisma will be celebrating her birthday. Bebo stores few surprises for Lolo and she had strictly instructed her secretary Zahid Khan to adjust her work schedule accordingly so that she can spend a quality time with her sister.

“Can you imagine Zahid is just giving me one evening with Lolo,” says Bebo. “I have some crazy schedule where I’ll be at Hyderabad and then air-dashing to London. But I have told him that whatever the situation, I need to be with Karisma on her birthday.”

This time the excitement is doubly as the family members will also be celebrating with a new member added to the Kapoor dynasty, i.e. Karisma and Sanjay Kapoor’s son. They have a daughter before.