Kareena Kapoor takes potshots at Bipasha,John and even Ash

The second season of Koffee with Karan is turning out to be spicy and controversial already with only three episodes aired yet.It seems like our bollywood celebs are airing their differences with other actors on Karan Johar's chat show.However Karan and the audiences have nothing to complain as this makes the show very interesting and the TRP's of the show seem to be on the rise.After Mallika and sanjay Leela Bhansali making their grievances with other stars quite clear,it is now the turn of actress Kareena Kapoor.She was also seen on the first episde of KWK (Koffee with Karan) and now is back with beau Shahid Kapur.The fiesty Kapoor gal made her rivalry with Bipasha Basu and her beau John quite clear on the show.
Kareena and Bipasha's tiff began when the two first worked together in the film Ajnabee.The two were shooting in Switzerland for the film and Bips decided to borrow Kareena's clothes stylist.However Bips did not ask Kareena whether she could borrow her costume designer and this is what got Kareena miffed.According to sources Kareena was also terribly insecure as she thought that Bips looked much better in the film.Since then it seems Kareena has never forgiven Bipasha.However Kareena was further miffed when Bip's beau John chose Rani over Kareena on the last season of KWK.Hence this time Bebo decided to abondon politically correct statements and gave full freedom to her fiery spirit.During the rapid fire round when Bebo was asked to name an actor who was expressionless,she promptly replied "John Abraham". And it seems that even Kareena's beau Shahid has been dragged into the mud slinging contest,as when he was asked which actor Kareena would not liked to be paired opposite, he said "I think John Abraham." However Bips and John were not the only ones who Kareena took digs at,when she was asked to name one celebrity who had recently made a fashion faux pas, she said "I think Aishwarya as she recently wore turquoise coloured boots to an event,which in my opinion is a fashion faux pas." Kareena also stated that she feels that she could have done Ash's role in Dhoom 2 better.Well considering that older sis Karisma was on the show,it is no surprise that Kareena took a potshot at Ash,Abhishek Bachchan's current fiance.Earlier Karisma Kapoor was engaged to Abhishek but due to unknown reasons the engagement was called off.

Nonetheless it seems like the three Kapoors,Kareena,Karisma and Shahid had a great time on the show with each other and Karan.Karan Johar seems especially happy with the rising TRP's of his chat show as he gets to know all the inside gossip about bollywood's biggest celebs.Unfortunately Karan's best pal,Shahrukh seems to be in a tight spot with his own show on television,KBC.Shahrukh as the host of KBC does not seem to be hitting it off that well as the TRP's of KBC seem to be dropping rapidly.Well Shahrukh maybe a brilliant actor but obviously Karan is the better host.