Kareena Kapoor is Bhandarkar's 'Heroine'

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has again approached Kareena Kapoor for his dream project ‘Heroine’. Bhandarkar wrote ‘Heroine’ on keeping Kareena Kapoor in mind but Bebo declined the project as she was not comfortable with the intimate scenes that the script demands. Bhandarkar has changed the script according to Aishwarya’s convenience which also fulfills Kareena’s demand.

Bhandarkar secretly made a call to Bebo and re-approached her for ‘Heroine’. When the actress was asked about the film, she preffered to keep mum. She neither made any comment about the film nor declined the report.

‘Heroine’ is Madhur’s most ambitious project and when Aishwarya’s pregnancy came into limelight, he was shuttered as the film was almost ready to be filmed.

But Madhur has denied approaching any actresses, 'Speculations in the media of me approaching actresses for my film HEROINE are totally baseless !!! Whether i will revive film HEROINE, will decide after consultations with UTV or a fresh film , will surely update u in near future !!!' he tweeted.