Kareena Kapoor collapses on the set

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor seems to be on a continuous weight loss spree, the actress began losing weight some time back. But now there have been concerns raised whether the actress is taking the slim and trim route overtly seriously. Actresses have been under a lot of pressure to lose weight and maintain a slim figure. Now Kareena has lost oodles of weight and no doubt looks good. But recently sources claim Kareena crash dieted and starved herself for a few days prior to the shooting of her bikini sequence for Tashan and this led to her collapsing. 

Kareena has lost a lot of weight and looks extremely slim and trim. But the actress is still in the process of losing more weight and wants to perhaps get the reed thin look. Moreover Kareena will soon be shooting a sensational bikini sequence for her forthcoming film Tashan. Hence Kareena recently went on a crash diet and starved herself for a couple of days prior to the shooting of the bikini sequence which led to her collapsing. A source claims "The gruelling shooting schedule and an orange juice only diet took its toll and the actress collapsed on the sets sparking health concerns." There have been many rumours claiming that Kareena is going the anorexic way, but the actress has denied such rumours. However after collapsing Kareena just rested for a while and after a few hours, she once again resumed shooting. 

Kareena is currently on a holiday in London with beau Saif Ali Khan and she seems unconcerned about any concerns regarding her health. Kareena claims that her loss of weight is not due to crash dieting but mainly due to a balanced diet, working out and power yoga which helps her stay fit. Meanwhile beau Saif too seems concerned and is urging her to have a healthy diet. Kareena apparently weighs less than 48 kgs now and has achieved a waist of a mere 23 inches. Although her family and loved ones may be concerned about her health, producer of Tashan, Aditya Chopra was very happy with Kareena's new slim look and has complimented her saying "You look like a goddess." Well no doubt Aditya Chopra wants Kareena to look stunning in his film Tashan.