Kareena has the hottest backside, Imran Khan

The latest song from the film, ‘Gori Tere Pyar Mein’ was launched on Thursday and so sooner the song was released, it instantly struck. The song is a naughty dance number and titled, ‘Tooh’ which indicates the sexy booty. Kareena dancing it way out with her troupe in a wedding as joined by Imran Khan as well and Imran truly feels Kareena has got the hottest backside.

Praising her dancing skills in the song, Imran said, "I had heard the scratch version way before we actually shot it. Even then, it sounded fun and just the kind of cheeky and naughty thing. It is more a girl's song and they (women) are going to love it."

"Her moves are deadly. She is sexy and yet graceful. She has struck the perfect balance in this song," he added.

Imran feels Kareena has the hottest back in B-Town after him, the actor says, “I truly think I have the hottest backside.” But, he quickly adds, “Kareena has the hottest backside after mine. When we started shooting the song, there was this one scene where you only see my back as the focus was on Bebo. She turned and did this one step and I was like whoa! It was as if I was hit with something. Her moves were so deadly. She is so sexy and yet so graceful. She has struck the perfect balance in this song.”

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, produced by Dharma Productions, slated to release on November 22.