Kareena doesn’t trust Saif completely

Saif and Kareena love each other very much but Bebo revealed the fact that she does not trust her boyfriend completely and check Saif’s call records and SMSs very often. Kareena revealed the secret on the show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ where she and Karisma appeared as a celebrity guests.

The first question that both the sister faced was what percentage of Indians checks their spouse's phone records and SMSs. While they were predicting the percentage, Sallu popped another question to them, 'why do women check messages etc?'

Karisma answered candidly, "Well I certainly check my husband's call records and SMSs...I'm telling all wives and girlfriends, pick up your husband's phone and check."

Kareena added, "We check because of our insecurities and we are inquisitive about who they talk to the whole day."

Karisma unearth the secret that Kareena even attend her boyfriend’s call and speak in a strict voice. Embarrassing Kareena too confessed, "Well, Saif works with such good-looking heroines, who knows..."