Kareena believes Shahid is a bundle of talent

Kareena Kapoor may be in the news for her new found relationship with actor Saif Ali and her split from long time boyfriend Shahid ; however there are a few things that the actress herself is looking forward to. Kareena and Shahid’s next film Jab We Met is all set to release soon and she believes that no rumours can hamper or boost a film’s success. Kareena is also gung ho about her newest acquisition, her new flat which she has recently purchased.
About rumours affecting her soon to be released film Jab We Met, Kareena says “Nothing affects a film’s box office except its script. It’s just the script and the way promos are being projected and that’s about it. That is how people are going to judge a movie. I don’t think anything else really matters.” Although Kareena and Shahid may have parted ways, the actress still believes that Shahid is extremely talented as an actor. Kareena says “he is a bundle of talent, which is waiting to explode. He can do any character or role, I have that much faith in him. Of the new crop I think he is an actor more than being a star, which I think is going to get tapped very soon.” Kareena has seen Shahid’s growth in his films and she believes that now there is a marked improvement in his acting as compared to when he started off.

Meanwhile another thing that’s keeping the pretty actress excited is a new flat that she has bought. Kareena has purchased the entire sixth floor in a posh building which is still under construction. Although a bit of the construction on the building is still being done, Kareena along with her mom Babita frequently visit the place. A source claims “Kareena comes here often with her mother. Only recently they came here and spent almost five hours in the flat.” After the building is completed, Kareena will carry out her own interior decorations to her flat before moving in. Kareena is anxious to move into her new abode. What makes her new home even more interesting is that bank opposite her building a luxurious Chinese restaurant will be opening up shortly and everyone is well aware of Bebo’s penchant for Chinese food. So when Bebo’s not at home, we’ll now know where to look.