Kareena and Rani are poles apart in their acting style

The film that is in the media glare at the moment, other than “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” is the Aamir Khan starrer “Talaash”. The film has been in the news since a long period. It took time for the film to complete shoot as the script demanded it to be shot seamlessly. Also with the perfectionist Aamir Khan acting in it, one can only expect the film to be without any glitches. There has been last minute re-shoots of parts of the films that postponed it to the 30th of November, this year from a planned December release last year.

There are also two other power-packed performers in the film who are the female leads. They are Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor. Rani Mukerji has had her share of fame with films like “Black”, “Hum Tum”, and “Saathiya”, and though she is past her prime now, there is no doubt about her acting skills. Kareena Kapoor, on the other hand is having the time of her life in the industry. She has come a long way from her “Khushi” days, and has proved her mettle in films like “Omkara”, “Jab We Met” and the very recent “Ek Main aur Ek Tu”.

Reema Kagti, of “Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.” fame has directed the film. When asked about her experience directing these two gifted actresses, she quickly defined and drew out the differences between the two of them. While according to her Rani seems to be more of a method-actor who gets ready for her character before shoot begins, Kareena seems to take it easy.

When questioned about Rani, she said “Rani is your proverbial frontbencher. She wants to prep and get into everything -- including my head -- be it the script, sets or dialogues. She's similar to Aamir in her approach towards her job.”

While, for Kareena she gave a different view, “Kareena has more of a hang-loose approach. Left to herself, I don't think she'll do any prep at all but she has a very spontaneous instinctive skill. I never really knew what she was going to do until she did it. She frightened me in the beginning. Both are accomplished actresses in terms of their craft but their processes are totally different.”

With such varied female leads, it is obvious that they will be set under the scanner when the film releases. Let us wait and watch whose approach towards the job gets paid off better.