Karan Kundra slams haters for calling girlfriend Anusha 'prostitute'

Television heartthrob Karan Kundra hit back at haters for calling girlfriend Anusha Dandekar, ‘a prostitute’. Karan, who is quite active on social media lost his cool when one of his female fans called his girlfriend a prostitute and cheap on Instagram.

It all happened when Karan shared a pic with Anusha along with a caption “My favourite girl in my favourite colour! Edible”.

He mostly got positive comment from his fans about the picture but on one his female fans highly slammed the actor’s relationship with Anushka and tagged her ‘cheap and prostitute’.

The actor even posted a pic of the entire conversation on his Instagram account.

Karan wrote, “I do not want fans like these.. If you’ve been brought up in such kind of filthy ways.. And belong to the lowest scums of humans plz I beg of you.. Do not be a fan and make me sad! The worst part is that the account is run by a girl!! A GIRL!! I can’t imagine what pathetic mindset of people must she belong to that she can talk like this about another girl!”

Like a dedicated boyfriend, Karan stood by his ladylove and objected the haters comment.

Karan Kundra, who earlier dated Kritika Kamra made his relationship public with VJ Anusha public in December 2015. Karan is currently seen in ‘Ye Kahan Aagaye Hum’.