Karan Johar gets threats calls, wants 24-hour security

According to the latest media report, filmmaker Karan Johar has requested the Protection and Security Branch of the Mumbai Police to provide him 24 hours security cover. Last month, the filmmaker has lodged a complaint at the Khar police after he reportedly received threat calls from an unknown number. The case was moved to the anti-extortion cell of the Mumbai crime branch and police deployed security in the area. But now Karan Johar requested for round-the-clock security due to repeated extortion calls.

This is not the first time, Karan Johar the head honcho of Dharma Productions approached police for 24-hour security protection. Way back in 2011, when he received death threat, he asked police for protection but they declined after a thorough inspection.

"Every year a security audit is carried by the Protection and Security Branch and the threat level to the individual is analysed. Three years ago, Karan was receiving threats so he was given 24/7 security cover. But, it was withdrawn this year. Now, he has asked for reinstatement of his security due to the recent threats", an officer of Protection and Security Branch said in a statement.

When officer of Protection and Security Branch officer was quizzed about the issue, he said  "these are security issues and cannot be discussed."

Karan lodged a complaint with the Khar police station after he received an extortion threat from an unknown number via SMS on his mobile phone. Police registered his case and investigation is on. Police suspects the involvement of some goons in threatening Karan Johar and producer Boney Kapoor.

Karan Johar has been provided armed security for his safety. The case has been transferred to anti-extortion cell of the Mumbai crime branch. Since the caller has used internet telephony to threat Karan, they are finding difficulty in tracing the culprit.

Lately, Boney Kapoor and Sonu Nigam also received threat calls from underworld.