Karan Johar gets a kissing love letter

Filmmaker Karan Johar received a love letter from one of his greatest fans and most importantly it was not an ordinary love letter, it is a letter filled with various styles of kiss. It was an eight page letter from a fan named Leena Joshi. In the office, his staff jokingly called it a ‘Kissing Letter’. 

A source speaks in details about the secret passionate letter, "The Kissing Letter -- it has all kinds of kisses mentioned in it. Then she asks him to do a photo-session with him, invites him for coffee and a candlelight dinner with him. At the end, she requests him to be her life partner as she loves him so much and ends with a romantic shayari."

Another source quips about Karan’s reaction, "Though KJo has been getting marriage proposals for a long time now, this is the first time someone has sent such a cute love poem with the proposal and a love note. The letter has eight pages.

When Karan got the letter, he squirmed with embarrassment. He gets all red-faced and shy when women of all ages keep expressing love for him in all sorts of ways. Of course, Karan feels flattered that people love him and express their love in various ways but when people ask him about it he clams up."

When Karan Johar was quipped about the letter, he answered with utter disgust, "It is too embarrassing to talk about. Please don't ask me such things!"