Karan Johar refuses taking a dig at Katrina

Filmmaker Karan Johar strongly denies making an unpleasant comment about Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. He is totally upset with the media report.


He wrote, “Absolutely crazy media report suggesting i have said something about katrina!!! I HAVE NOT!!! Its totally baseless and a lie!!! Katrina is not only a dear friend but also a supremely talented and hard working megastar!!! And all this reportage is ridiculous!!!”

It is rumored that Karan laughs the way Katrina poses in magazines saying that she posed almost same way in every magazine.

“Whatever be the magazine or background, Katrina`s look is the same”, Karan was reportedly heard saying.

But now the filmmaker denies making any such comment about the diva adding that Kat is a very talented and hardworking actress.

It we remember, Katrina Kaif did a cameo for Dharma Productions ‘Agneepath 2’.