Kapil Sharma, Ajaz Khan fights in public

It was not too late when comedian Kapil Sharma entered into a twitter fight with Kamaal Rashid Khan and now again he entered into a brawl with Ajaz Khan, the former Bigg Boss contestant. Ajaz slammed Kapil Sharma for not showing his episode that he shot long time back on ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.

A video was released which shows Ajaz Khan and Kapil Sharma involved in a heated argument. Khan said that Kapil is intimidated by his acting abilities due to which he was avoiding the telecast of his gag. He added that Kapil should respect other artists. Kapil Sharma in his reply said that his episode will be telecast soon.

Ajaz also accused Kapil of not airing his episode nor taking his calls. Interrupting Kapil Sharma, Ajaz said, “I thought you were a good man. I messaged you, tweeted you and even called you. But you did not answer anywhere. I was called as a celebrity and I am a celebrity. My script was changed but then I asked you and added my own dialogues. Tell me the truth.” To this Kapil kept on saying, “We will soon show your gag.”

Kapil Sharma even tried to calm down Ajaz with a hug but all in vain.

“As an actor you should have at least replied to me. Everyone knew about it, I tweeted. You replied to Kamaal Khan who abused you but not to me,” Ajaz further said.