Kangana Ranaut shocked over Jeeva's death

Mumbai, June 28 (IANS) Kangana Ranaut is in a state of shock after hearing the news of prolific cinematographer and director Jeeva's death.

Jeeva, whose last big hit was "Unnale Unnale", died of a heart attack Tuesday in St. Petersberg while shooting for the Tamil film "Dhaam Dhoom" in which Kangana plays an important role.

"His body was flown to Mumbai today (Wednesday). I can't believe Jeeva is gone. He was so young," Kangana told IANS.

"On Tuesday night when my producer Murli Manohar told me, it couldn't sink in. Jeeva was in his early 40s. He has two very young daughters. I've met his entire family. He was one of the most amazing directors I've worked with so far.

"Jeeva sent a message a few days ago that the Russian schedule had gone very well. And he said, 'I'm dying to work with Kangana'. Can you believe it? He felt a burning sensation in his stomach and died within seconds," she said.

"We had done one schedule together and I was supposed to join him soon. I can't believe Jeeva is gone. It's heart breaking. I'm going to Chennai on Friday to meet Jeeva's family. Though we didn't talk every day he was a very dear friend," she added.