Kangana locked herself in a vanity van

Kangana Ranaut throws tantrums on the set and walked out refusing to shoot. Her behavior delayed shooting for two hours. Angry Kangana Ranaut locked herself in a vanity van. She was angry with the rumor that is doing the rounds that she is trying to get back into Sanjay Dutt’s friend circle. She accuses the unit members for spreading such false rumor.

A source from the sets elaborates, "Kangna was in a very bad mood. She walked in on the sets and went straight to her vanity van.

Everyone figured she was upset, but they didn't think that she would actually hold up the shoot for the day. When an assistant director went to call her, she yelled at him and asked him to inform the unit she doesn't want to shoot."

It took over two hours to appease Kangna. "She thinks someone from the unit was talking ill of her. She's maintaining distance from Sanju and trying not to entertain any loose talk.

She is angry that in spite of that, people from the set were spreading gossip about her. So she locked herself in the van and refused to come out till an apology was issued."

Sanju baba was to report in the evening but delay in the shoot made him to shoot at night.