Kamal Khan kicked out of Bigg Boss

Little argument, bitter exchange of words are to some extent allowed in the Bigg Boss house but violence is strictly prohibited and the peace breaker Kamal Rashid Khan adopted the path of violence against designer Rohit Verma, out of anger he thrown a bottle to Rohit and ultimately it hit Shamita Shetty’s hand when Rohit managed to escape. From day 1 Kamal’s behavior was not acceptable among the other housemates and they hold a negative impression against him. Finally, when he crossed the limit of decency, Bigg Boss expelled him form the show.   

He called upon all the housemates in the living area and announced the decision. Kamal was asked to pack his bags. Verbal fighting was always allowed in the house but this is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss that a participant was disqualified from the game.

Kamal was always in the hit list of the housemates, he was nominated for eviction last week.