Kamal Haasan grateful to his fans

Finally as the dust of controversy settles, ‘Vishwaroopam’ gets the green signal to be screened. This multi lingual and mega budgeted movie is written, directed and produced by Kamal Hassan himself. A lot was in stake for the actor. It was not only his reputation but also big money was involved.

The espionage thriller was all set to release on 25th Jan 2013 but on a dramatic move the Tamil Nadu government banned the film a day before its release. The reason cited was that certain part of the movie may irk the Muslim community.

The agitated actor raised his voice against the incident, took the Tamil Nadu government to court and made it clear that it was an attack on free thinking but the AIADMK government didn’t budge. The film fraternity came out in open to support the actor in his plight. Rajnikanth was one of the first to openly support Kamal Haasan. Finally a meeting between Kamal Haasan and the representative of the Muslim community in the presence of TN home Secretary R. Rajagopal. As Kamal agreed to edit few scenes in the flick in the meeting, the ban on the movie was lifted.

‘Vishwaroopam’ has already released in other parts of India and doing good business. It is now set to release on Feb 7th in Tamil Nadu and Kamal Haasan is grateful to the media for the support they extended. He said, "I am ever grateful to the Tamil Nadu and Indian people at large. Many peers in the trade in Tamil Nadu also reached out personally to enquire. Unbeknownst to me, the rest of my fraternity throughout the country raised their voice in my defense." He added, "The media fought for my freedom as if it was theirs at stake - probably it is so. Nevertheless, the time they spent on my small cause and the warmth they imparted strengthened me."

The two weeks ban on the 95 crore film hurt the actor very bad financially. According to the experts the loss due to this ban was almost Rs. 30 to 80 crore. The fans decided to come to the rescue. According to Kamal Hassan, "I was angered and hurt by injustice. I stood stoic through all the troubles but what broke me to an emotional pulp was the sight of money orders, currency notes and bank cheques sent to me by admirers to help me tide over my crisis."

The moved actor stated, "I will be sending all of these to the respective senders. Please do not take offense. All my fans, I owe you all a big salute. You respected my request as if it was my command and maintained peace and harmony in spite of provocation."