Kamal Haasan gets a Grim Reality Check with “Vishwaroopam”

Kamal Haasan who has been one of the most talented actors of our film industry, be it Malayalam or Hindi, is under a cloud of uncertainty. His much-awaited film “Vishwaroopam” has hit a roadblock.

Sometime back, the star in Chennai announced, “The industry has let me down”. He has had to postpone the release of his film in the theatres and DTH. Kamal Haasan had strategically decided to get his film premiere on DTH platform a day before his film hit the big screens on January 12th. However, when his film got a lukewarm response from the audiences he shifted dates to the 25th of January.

Reports also suggest that Kamal Haasan this time around has not been able to judge the taste of his audiences. Multiplex owners too have been giving him a tough time, and all of this has taken a toll on the actor emotionally.

A source stated, “Audiences down South will not shell out so much money for films, whether at home or in theatres. There were too few subscribers for the film across the country (Airtel was reportedly selling for Rs 1,000 per view), that pushing back the release date may not change the mindset of the audience.”

Vishwaroopam has been shot for a whopping 90 crores. Kamal Haasan has been looking for distributors for his film for the last five months now. It is not that there were no takers for this film, but it is the actor’s demand for an “exorbitant price” that has left the film with no buyers.

Trade insiders have revealed that Haasan has quoted a total of 140 crores for his tri-lingual film- Rs 80, Rs 40 and Rs 20 crores for the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions respectively.  No prospective production houses such as Eros, Reliance or UTV was ready to buy the film for that expensive price.

A renowned Tamil producer stated, “He was ready to come down to a figure of Rs 110 crore, but sadly no one was willing to take that risk. The price quoted came up to a maximum of only Rs 80 crore. It was a shock for Kamal. In such a scenario, he knew that he was not even getting back the production cost." His last film that bombed at the box-office is only adding to his woes.

Also with the entry of younger actors the times in Kollywood have been fast changing. Sadly, Kamal is only realizing it now that may be he cannot command that kind of a currency any longer.