Kamaal R Khan leaves India forever as Modi win

Actor Kamaal Rashid Khan has again hit the headlines for his hilarious act. He has posted an image on twitter which shows the actor leaving India forever with former Pakistani cricketer Shoaid Akhtar due to Narendra Modi’s victory. Popularly known as KRK, Kamal is not happy with Modi’s victory.

He tweeted, KRK @kamaalrkhan


Modi Ji has won so I am leaving India forever with Shoaib Akhtar. Bye Bye India.

KRK @kamaalrkhan


Modi Ji has won n I am leaving India as promised. Good bye India forever. I will miss my country n lovely sweet ppl.

He also takes a dig at superstar Shahrukh Khan.

KRK @kamaalrkhan

So I am leaving India forever as I promised. I don't know if SRK n others will keep their promise but I will keep.

A day ago, he posted snapshot of a ticket that he has booked

KRK @kamaalrkhan


I have booked my flight for tomorrow so if #BJP will get BAHUMAT then I will leave India forever.

Earlier this year, Kamaal Rashid Khan tweeted that if Narendra Modi wins election then he will leave India forever and will also get a sex change and marry Karan Johar

It is not yet known whether Kamaal is serious about his tweets but with Modi’s victory, everyone is celebrating as after a long time a single party majority will rule the nation.
kamaal rashid khankamaal rashid khan

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