Kalki Koechlin was sexually abused

Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin shared her experience of sexually abused as a child. She broke the silence on child sexual abuse and shared her own experience. When Kalki was asked about her experience , she said, “For me it's an important issue and I wanted to talk about it. It is not about giving you my history as a person who has gone through sexual abuse but to put forward the idea. So many of us have gone through it and most of the people that I know especially close friends of mine who are women have gone through some form of CSA (child sexual abuse).

So it's just so out there, so much of it that I think it's not something that should be ignored. Right now 53% of the nation is going through CSA that's more than half the country and that's only the official statistic. I think there's a lot more happening because we know in a lot of families we brush it under the carpet and because of social, cultural pressure we don't talk about these things”.

Kalki feels CSA should be discussed in a wide platform and should be a subject in educational institutions. Kalki said, “So for me it was important to mention that but I don't think public platform is the only way to talk about CSA. I think sometimes it's important to speak about it, break the silence, other times its important to have a place to go to where you can trust somebody whether it be a psychiatrist, a family member, or a social set-up, an organization which helps when you talk about these things or your school or your teacher.

The problem is that we don't have these trusted areas to go. And the problem about talking about it publicly is that there's also the danger of it becoming a shocking headline.

Somebody who has gone through CSA is not a headline, that's a reality they have lived with all of their life so it has to be much deeper than that, there has to be other ways of expressing it, talking about it and of course the government support and laws implemented”.

Kalki said that the people still hesitant to speak about it in public forum or raise the issue as they shy off. “It's extremely difficult to talk about it because in 50 per cent of cases it is somebody known or one of the family members who has abused a child so that makes it so difficult. Once you come out with it you have to confront that person and that is pretty much re-living the whole pain of it again. It is tiring, exhausting and traumatic for the person to re-live the experience with the psychiatrist, family member or abuser, so it's a sensitive and difficult subject to tackle. There's also the sensitive issue of treating the child who has gone through that, giving them a comfortable space where they feel they can talk about it”, Kalki said.  

“But before anything happens, the question I want to raise is why are people doing this? Why is somebody you are close to abusing you in the first place? I think there's a social question there - of repression, of not being able to express things and it's really important that we address that as well. An awareness that we talk about, something that Rahul said. There's an analogy, if a child has a broken arm he is able to talk to his parents. Similarly a child who has been abused should be able to talk about it and get rid of that taboo”, the actress added.