Kajol rejects Aparna Sen

It’s a honor to work with ace filmmaker Aparna Sen but recently Kajol has turned down her offer as the script failed to impress her. The film titled ‘Iti Mrinalini’ and it is supposedly based on Aparna Sen’s real life. Kajol has been decided to play the younger Aparna Sen while Aparna herself to play the ageing actress but surprisingly Kajol rejected the offer.

Aparna chose Kajol as her father was a Bengali and the language is known to her. The source says, "After chasing the young actress for some months to hear a narration, she got a date from her but fifteen minutes into the narration, Kajol excused herself and walked out. After waiting for an half-an-hour, Aparna realised that she was not coming back and left the Devgan residence, smarting with humiliation. Now she has cast her daughter Konkona in the role. A few years ago, Aparna was to direct Kajol's husband Ajay Devgan in PNC's Gulel but that project fell through even though Ajay had liked the script".

Aparna Sen rubbishes the rumor saying, "Absolute rubbish! I never even thought of Kajol for Iti Mrinalini which is a small budget Bengali film where Konkona and I were always supposed to be playing the younger and older age of the same person. Kajol was never even considered! I have never met her."

However, Kajol’s spokesman denies the meeting.