Kajol denies tiff with Karan Johar

Kajol and filmmaker Karan Johar shared a great professional and personal relationship and Kajol has been part of Karan’s blockbusters. But over the years, the actress has totally cut down herself from signing any films of Dharma Productions or any other banner as she is engrossed in bringing up her two children, Nysa and Yug. The distance between Karan and Kajol gave rise to the rumor that all is not well between Kajol and Karan Johar but the actress vehemently denies any differences with Karan Johar.   

Report suggests that post the talk show, ‘Koffee With Karan’, Kajol and Ajay Devgn are having an issue with Kjo. When asked about it, she said, "No differences at all with Karan Johar."

Kajol confirmed that she will next be seen in her home production,  "I have confirmed this news before and yes, I am doing that project."

Kajol who is a doting mother of daughter Nysa and son Yug, says the biggest gift her children can ever give her is acknowledgment.

"The biggest gift your children can ever give you is the acknowledgment. When I go back home and my son says I missed you and hugs me, I really love that. That makes my day," said the actress who was crowned Mighty Mom Thursday by the makers of forthcoming animation movie "Mighty Raju Rio Calling".

Talking about the children's safety and current scenario, she said the world is no safer place for children anymore.

"As a child I have never watched cartoons as I was busy with physical activity. My mum used to tell me to go out and play, and we didn't use to go out with our maids. Today, world is different if kids go out, we send our maids with them. World has become unsafe today it's different," said Kajol.

Kajol says she is careful about what her kids watch on TV as these are learning years for them.

“I’m mostly around them when they are watching TV. I may be doing my stuff but I keep an eye on what they are watching, and in the process I end up watching a couple of episodes (of the shows),” says Kajol, who is mother of two — daughter Nysa, 11, and son Yug, 3.

She adds, “I also have a dos and don’ts channels and programme lists, so even if I’m not by them, they are well monitored. I believe that as a parent, one has to be strict and to lay down certain guidelines. So my kids are well within the boundaries that I set for them. These are learning years for them, they pick up fast and will retain what they learn now. So in a way, it’s sensitive age, so you have to be very careful of what is watched or read,” says Kajol.