Juhi Parmar, Sachin Shroff will be officially divorced on June 25

Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff will be granted divorce on June 25 at a family court. Juhi and Sachin, got married on February 15, 2009 and four years after their nuptial, they were blessed with a baby girl, Samairra.

Juhi got the custody of their daughter while Sachin got visitation rights from the court. After the birth of their daughter, their married life hit the rough patch and the couple filed for divorce. All the legal formalities have been completed and the final signatures will be done on June 25.

Juhi gets candid about her troubled relationship with Sachin on the chat show, ‘Juzzbaatt’. “The show that I did was for couples and I had participated with my ex-husband Sachin Shroff. The footage was edited in a completely shocking manner almost as if to change the entire meaning of what was actually happening. I was shown in a negative light to break my otherwise holier-than-thou bahu image, while Sachin was portrayed as a 'bechara'. I was shocked when I came to know that they made me look like a vamp on-screen. It was not a pleasant experience at all.”

During the talk, when Rajeev asked Juhi about her marriage and divorce, she replies, “I knew Sachin before our marriage but there was no courtship period as such. He expressed his feelings and we got married immediately after that. I was not fully convinced personally but his love was the biggest driving force. I thought that I will fall in love with him but I still don’t know if I can label it as a love marriage”

Earlier, while sharing about her separation with Sachin, Juhi had said earlier, “We decided that it was best to part ways because a harmonious atmosphere is a must for a child. She is too young to understand what’s happening in our lives. However, Sachin’s absence isn’t a new thing for Samaira as we have been separated many times. There have been times when Sachin has not been home and she is used to not seeing him around. However, she does ask about him at times.” Earlier, in an interview, when Sachin was asked to mention one thing about Juhi that annoys him, he said, “One thing that annoys me (about Juhi) is her anger. She is short-tempered and I am the exact opposite.”

However, in her defence, Juhi had said, “I do not have a foul temper. I’m just a transparent person who calls a spade a spade and I’m proud of being an honest and fearless person in today’s times. People are writing loosely, assuming that it’s the reason for our divorce. It is my request to all of them to stop judging. What happens between two people, only they will know.”