Poster: Juhi dons villainous avatar in 'Gulab Gang'

The film ‘Gulab gang’ had been making news since its inception. A lot of curiosity surrounded the fact that both Nadhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla will be appearing in the film. Though the two are contemporaries, they have never done a film together till now. But, since Juhi is to portray a negative role, the actress felt that there is no scope of competition and she decided to do the role. "I would say that earlier there were a few chances when we could have worked together, but at that time I didn't do the film because Madhuri was there in the films. I thought if she is there, then what would I do? Comparisons were bound to happen, so to avoid all that tension, I didn't do those films," said Juhi. However, now she is not worried. "I am so glad that I am playing a villain in the film. So you can't compare the two of us. I neither had to dance nor sing. All that has been done by Madhuri," she said.

Now, the first poster featuring Juhi is out and it has really proven to be scary. It is rather frightening to see the evil grin on the lovely face of a woman whom the audience is accustomed to seeing in happy and bubbly characters. The poster shows Juhi striking a commanding pose on a politician’s throne with a rather meaningful half smile. The actress plays the role of a nefarious politician named Sumitra Devi. This is a completely new type of role for Juhi. The response to her villainous pose in the poster has already been very good. It remains to be seen how well she can portray a negative role.

Talking about Juhi’s role in the film, Madhuri said, "I am happy we worked together in this film. I don't regret about not working in the past. I hope to work with her again. I don't think one should compare us or talk about comparison as we are playing two different roles in the film. I am the hero, she is the villian... These two characters would be nothing without each other. I think we have got the best energy for this film."

"She plays a sweet villain in the film... It is scary in a way. It is a very different role for her and I liked watching her on screen. It was wonderful working with her," said Madhuri.