Journalist troubles Abhishek

The shooting of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Ravan’ came to hold when a journalist landed on the spot and and made hue and cry for Abhishek’s interview. The shooting of Ravan is taking place in high security and no any unwanted person is allowed to loiter around the shooting premises. Mani dislikes disruption in his work and also does not want any footage of the film to get leaked in the media. In spite of high alert, a journalist landed on the spot to take Abhishek’s interview. When the journalist did not get access, he felt insulted and again returned with his sub-inspector friend. When the situation went out of Mani’s hand, he took the help of the bigwigs of media to bring the situation under control.

Only after the interference of the big face of the media channel, the journalist calmed down. Mani and Abhishek learnt a lesson for not entertaining the media. Hope they will not repeat this mistake again.

‘Ravan’ is a highly awaited flick of 2009 starring Abhishek and Aishwarya. The shooting is carried under tough condition in the deep jungle of Kochi.