‘Joker’ arrives at the multiplexes today

It seems finally the time has come for the aliens. Don’t look up at the sky, the flying saucers aka Udta Firta Omelettes are at the nearest cinema hall today. The sci-fi fantasy film of Shirish Kunder is releasing today. The critics as well as the movie enthusiasts are eager to see the performance of the flick at the box office. No doubt the entire team of ‘Joker’ is keeping their fingers crossed. The results will be out in another few hours. Strangely the lead actors Akshay and Sonakshi were missing from the last round of the movie promotions. We wonder why?

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Agastya who is probing the unsolved question of alien existence in the universe. After a long time, he is returning to his godforsaken native land along with his beautiful wife Diva, played by Sonakshi Sinha. They find out that their crazy village is absent from the map of India. In order to draw attention to their village and to put it on the global map they play the alien card. Though they get the focus they sought, the risks run high. The earlier film of the actors (Akshay and Sonakshi) ‘Rowdy Rathore’ was a bumper hit. Naturally the expectation from the duo, to deliver another hit in ‘Joker’ is high.

The movie also has some sort of record under its belt to boost. It is the shortest commercial Hindi movie that plays for only 1 hour and 45 minutes. The music video of the film has also garnered viral publicity on the internet. The older version of the song ‘Kaafirana’, got very popular on YouTube. The song portrayed Chitrangada Singh grooving to the music. The alien costumes and characters were also able to raise the interest level in the movie a notch higher.

A naturally excited Farah Khan (wife of director, Sirish Kunder) told about the story of the film stated beautifully “It is science fiction in a rural setting but it also is a satire about Indian politics and about the state of our villages. It is all done with a lot of humor and drama. The setting is very commercial, it is like a Bollywood film with songs, items songs, and a big star cast but the story is very, very different. It is not something you have seen before because it has UFOs and crop circles and aliens too! That is not something you normally see in a big commercial movie.”