John raises funds for poor

Bollywood hunk John Abraham raises $5 million fund for the needy. He has raised the fund for the NGO named Habitat For Humanity which he is associated for long. This amount will be spend in building houses for the poor. 

John says, "Youngsters emulate us in our style and dressing. I'd urge the youth of India to take a page out of my book and come together with me to build homes. There's a tremendous satisfaction is creating something brick-by-brick. Whenever I pass Lonavla I like seeing the homes I built."

Talking about the organization, Shobha Pant, honorary consultant for Habitat For Humanity says, "Though our organization has been in India for the last 25 years we wanted a face to represent us get more people involved and raise money. John heard us out and immediately agreed. In terms of commitment, John has done so much. He has gone and built homes in Lonavla with his own hands."

Taking about the contribution of John, Shobha said, “The actor also sold off a couple of his personal things and got 60 thousand dirhams which he gave to the Habitat For Humanity foundation. Thanks to John, India has raised money for the rest of the world like Ethiopia, Pakistan and Lebanon, so it's like today India is giving money to the rest of the world. Our target is to build 50,000 homes by 2011. We also have 10,000 homes for tsunami victims in Chennai."