John makes Bipasha unhappy

In an interview to the men's magazine GQ, Bollywood hunk John Abraham had surprised all by quoting Priyanka Gandhi Vadera as 'the sexiest woman in India by eons and light years'. He didn't just stop by tagging her the sexiest but also went gaga over her suave and charismatic personality. He gushed, "I love her to death! I'm totally impressed with the sophisticated Mrs. Gandhi Vadra and I think she's "going to be the real power center in the future."

John's declaration came as a surprise for his sultry girlfriend Bipasha Basu. Priyanka in spite of showing her woo elements has captured John's heart and Bips with all her sexy and hot components fail to rule over John’s mind and heart.

We understand that John's intention in quoting Priyanka the sexiest is neither to hurt his love nor to make any national news, he has just spoken his heart. But can't help, girls are after all girls, they gets hurt with little cut of attention.