John, Bips first public appearance after rumours of split on Indian Idol

While the buzz around town maybe that Bips and John have gone their separate ways, the couple seem to be happy spending time together. They have been keeping a low profile ever since rumours of their split surfaced but they have been spotted together several times having quiet dinners. Now the two will appear on the small screen together after a long time, the two will be seen making an appearance on popular television show Indian Idol which is a platform for singers.
John, Bipasha and Arshad Warsi will make a guest appearance on Indian Idol, incidentally their film Dhana Dhan Goal will also be releasing soon. So is their public appearance a publicity stunt for their forthcoming film? However Bips and John are appearing on the Indian Idol show for Bipasha’s mom who is a die-hard fan of the show, in fact she will even be accompanying Bips for the show. Bips says “Yes John egged me on to take Mom on the show. Of course my mother will be on the show with me, probably clapping the loudest.” Bips though has been a bit under the weather, she has been suffering from a severe bout of flu, she says “I got out this week for an event, and that too because it was a commitment I couldn't wriggle out of.” Bips has been housebound due to her illness and she is feeling rather down and out.

However beau John has been by her side taking care of her, clucking and cooing over his girl. But Bips is only doing the Indian Idol show for her mom; she says “I'm supposed to record for Indian Idol with the other team members John and Arshad. I'd have thought of skipping it –I'm so weak and hardly able to stand straight—but for my mother. My mom is the biggest Indian Idol fan. She doesn't miss a single episode.” So that’s like mommy's little girl who would do anything for her mom, way to go Bips. And John too will surely be in mom-in-law’s good books now after he coaxed Bips to take her mom along.