John, Bipasha’s Goal facing problems

After their hit film Jism, John and Bipasha will be seen together on-screen after a long time in Vivek Agnihotri’s film Goal. The film also stars Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani. The film is based on football and several real life footballers have been roped in to play in the film, also the cast will be shooting at several football stadiums in UK. The cast is also being coached by a foreign football choreographer and the producers are going all out in terms of look and locations. The entire cast is currently in London but it seems like several problems have already begun to plague the film.
According to sources, the film is already behind schedule and the entire cast is upset as they may all have to stay back behind their scheduled dates and rework their other commitments. Also very often director Vivek and his cast don’t see eye to eye while shooting scenes. Actor John Abraham was to return to Mumbai by the end of April, but now he might have to stay longer. Recently actor Arshad Warsi had a showdown with his director Vivek as he was not convinced about a particular scene for the film. Arshad got upset and stormed off the sets and although he did return later, it seems like the tension amongst the cast is only increasing with each day.

In fact due to the rising tension, recently when Arshad Warsi was several hours late on arriving at the sets and made Bipasha wait, she got upset and walked of the sets then refusing to shoot for the day. According to sources Arshad has developed an attitude after his recent spate of hit films and has begun throwing tantrums with his directors and co-stars. But Bips was not one to take his high handed behaviour lightly; she always arrived on time for shooting and hence walked off when she was made to wait for several hours. However director Vivek managed to calm down Bipasha and also extract a promise from Arshad that he would make it on time for his shoots henceforth. However director Vivek claims that there are no delays in the film schedule and says “We are on schedule, so please don’t kill my film even before it sees the light of day.”