John and Bipasha claim no break-up between them

They are one of bollywood’s hottest couples, Bipasha and John but recently this couple has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Recently Bipasha Basu has been linked with several of her co-stars and even John has been linked with some gal or the other. Recently there were rumours once again circulating like last time that the couple’s relationship has come to an end. However both John and Bipasha claim that none of the link-ups are true and their personal relationship is still very much intact. John says “I speak on behalf of both Bipasha and myself when I say that all is fine between us.”
Both John and Bips are fed up with the constant speculation regarding their relationship. Recently Bipasha was linked with co-star Saif Ali Khan and even ex-flame Dino Morea, but the actress has preferred to maintain a dignified silence. However now Bips says “It’s so foolish to keep reacting to these periodic talks of links and break-ups. We can’t let these things affect us and we don’t.” However John who is shooting down south for his film Aashayein is hurt about all this malicious talk regarding their relationship and he says “I’m shocked at the upsurge of animosity against my relationship with Bipasha. We never expected this kind of attack on not just our relationship, but also our characters. But our bond is strong enough to withstand any storm. People can say what they like, but we intend to remain together.”

John is not even remotely insecure and hence he does not feel threatened when Bipasha is linked with other people, John says “I trust my woman. I don’t need to confront her with the rumours to reinforce my belief in her. Bipasha is very transparent, she tells me everything and so there’s no room for any doubt. I trust her completely.” John though is very sad that Bips and his character has been attacked and he says “Bips and I both come from decent middle-class backgrounds. The way we have been projected in the past week is contrary to what we stand for.” John though does not deny that they were facing a few problems in their relationship, he says “I don’t deny that we had a bit of a problem, but the problems weren’t so massive that they could end our relationship. I think some people took undue advantage of the fact that we had a bit of a routine problem.”

However Bips and John are making an effort to work out any problems in their relationship, Bips will soon be joining John in Pondicherry where the couple will spend some quality time together away from the prying eyes of the media. Finally Bips claims “Let people say what they want, I love only John and no one else.” John too makes it clear once and for all saying “We are very much together and this is the woman I love and am marrying.” Well all’s well that ends well…